In-Depth Cocco Nano Pro V2 Hair Dryers

What Makes The Cocco Nano Pro V2 Hair Dryer The Best In The World?


The Cocco Nano Pro V2 Hair Dryer has evolved throughout the years since its original inception in 2011.  This dryer was completely designed from the ground up after talking with hundreds of professional hairstylists on what features were most important.  The dryer is perfectly balanced without being nose heavy or back heavy, allowing the bulk of the weight to sit directly above the handle.  This perfect balance allows for hours of blow drying in the salon while minimizing stress and strain on the hand, arm, shoulder and body.  It was also extremely important to have a motor which could produce great airflow, but not be too heavy.  After years of research, Cocco designed a proprietary AC motor which could produce the strong airflow needed by professional stylists while reducing the weight of the motor by almost 50%.  This amazing combination of power, balance, and weight is one of the reasons why professional stylists rarely change dryers after trying the Cocco dryer.  In addition, Cocco incorporates an ionic generator which produces 10,000 times more negative ions than their competitors.  The ionic generator allows for the stylist to dry hair quicker while hydrating the hair rather than drying it out.  This feature is an absolute game changer!  Cocco also utilizes the use of ceramic spheres which help to purify the outgoing airflow, removing carbon dioxide and other impurities to maximize the condition of the hair.  Other features such as the independent fan speed and temperature controls, cool shot, 12 ft long professional cord, rear filter cover all add up to a dryer that simply can't be beat when it comes to ultimate performance!


What drives the Nano Pro is a proprietary AC Motor which is rated at an industry leadng 2000+ operating hours.  This enables the operating cost of this dryer to be in the neighborhood of $0.15 an hour.


Is all IONIC technology the same? 
Almost all dryers on the market claim to have IONIC technology.  Most companies will coat the grill or inner barrel of the dryer with a spray coating which contains crushed tourmaline or some other material which naturally emits negative ions.  This allows them to make the marketing claim of “ionic” dryer.  However, in real world use, there is little difference in performance from a dryer without the coating. 

Cocco uses an ionic generator which can be turned ON or OFF based upon the user’s preference.  When turned on, it generates over 10 million negative ions in 1cc of volume.  This significant increase in the amount of negative ions allows for atomization to take place.  Atomization is responsible for rapidly reducing larger water droplets into smaller water droplets.  Atomization allows for 2 specific benefits when it comes to blow drying hair - 1) it dries the hair much faster.  In actual salon tests, the average time savings is 50% or more depending on the hair texture.  2) it also allows for the smaller water droplets to enter the hair shaft, thereby naturally hydrating the hair as opposed to drying it out.  So even without any conditioning products, the hair feels softer, healthier, and shinier than any other blow dryer.

Key Points:
- Ultra lightweight AC Motor for more airflow and longer motor life
- Ionic Intel System generates positive or negative ions output suitable for multiple styling needs
- Ceramic Spheres purify the outgoing airflow, removing carbon dioxide
- Ergonomically designed for optimum balance and comfort
- Cool shot button for style setting
- Variable speed and temperature settings
- Double-walled body provides shock resistance
- Professional length, extra durable cord ideal for the salon environment
- Concentrator nozzle included
- 1875 watts