About Us/Team Cocco



In Japan, master calligraphers start each day by drawing a circle. We all know it is impossible to draw a perfect freehand circle. However, the significance of this ritual is to set the mind, heart, and spirit to strive for perfection in everything they do that day!

Hello, my name is David Kim. I am the Founder and CEO of Cocco Hair Professional. I am originally from Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio with my family when I was 3 years old. Cleveland is currently where I reside today. I am an entrepreneur and a father to 2 boys, David & Luke. I got started in the professional hair industry about 20 years ago. Shortly thereafter, I founded a company called FHI Heat, which quickly grew into a 25 million dollar global brand. Here, I realized just how passionate I was about pioneering, innovating, and creating the best tools. Today, Cocco Hair Professional represents the culmination of all my wins and learns. Along my journey, I have been fortunate and blessed to have met some of the most amazing and talented people in the World, many of whom are my close friends. With their help, I have assembled a portfolio of the finest tools in the industry. Admittedly, Cocco Hair Pro is not for everyone. But if you’re the hairdresser that wakes up every morning and sets your mind, heart and soul to strive for perfection that day, then unquestionably we are for you! Regardless of if you’re a master hairdresser or master calligrapher, passion and hard work + the best tools = the best results. It is with this philosophy that we strive each day to do our best in assisting passionate hairdressers to reach their ultimate goal.