Ambassador Digital Gap DLC Trimmer Blade

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Order your Ambassador Digital Gap DLC Now!

Introducing Ambassador Digital Gap DLC Trimmer Blade:

The Digital Gap Ambassador blade was designed with new state-of-the-art core technology to achieve maximum comfort, sharpness, and intense precision. This new design and blade technology allow the blade to cut consistently on both ends of the blade Without snagging the hair or bruising the skin. The Digital Gap Ambassador blade allows the operator to perform the one-stroke touch-and-go movement to achieve the most accurate, sharpest outlining results right out of the box.

What is Digital Gap? Digital Gap is blade setting and calibration that is only achieved through Neodymium magnetic pressure technology. This stabilizes the cutting blade while it is screw adjusted to the perfect cutting distance. This process is unable to be achieved with a prior blade setting devices or being done manually by eye. This process allows the outliner blade to operate at peak performance. “DIGITAL GAP” EXPERIENCE THE POINT OF DIFFERENCE!

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